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Products Sold:   30,175,701
Total Revenue:   31,188,546,620  IC's
IVE Orders:   941
Total Cost:   10,191,458,141  IC's
Gross Profit:   20,997,088,479  IC's

Welcome members, allies and honored guests to the new Imperial Center. As always, if there is something you would like to see us sell, do not hesitate to ask.

You may notice 3 billion IC specials from time to time. These are one of a kind items specially requested by VE members. Imperial Center gladly makes their desired item, and then at our request, the customer allows us to showcase it for a few days, before buying it at actual predetermined cost. Do not be afraid to request your own specialty item as well.

Most of the items have been pulled from RPG sources, both books and on the web. In cases where it is possible, we have received the permission of authors and authorities to use these items.

As with any store, there are certain rules as to what we can and will sell.

We will not sell lightsabers, Mandalorian armor, Spaarti cloning chambers and various ultra-rare items. In addition, we will NOT sell sentient species - Imperial Center is a store, not a slave market. Other specialty items may be purchased by request providing all clearances have been met.

In addition, really large and well-armed starships and ground vehicles fall under the purview of military-eclusive weapons. Namely, it is not expected that the average person could staff, maintain, and much less afford such an item. Therefore, only the various Vast Empire divisions will have access to these vessels and vehicles. Otherwise, there would be traffic jams in the space lanes as the various broken down ISDs kept running into each other.

In any case, feel free to take a look around and purchase what you wish. Let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you. Thanks for stopping by.

- The Management
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