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Welcome to Imperial Vigil Enterprises.  This is the main manufacturing plant for the Vast Empire.  We build all of the VE's materials they use in combat (weapons, ships, driods, etc).  This is also where stores can get all of their products to sell to civilians.  We mainly sell in bulk to large companies, which is why we do not cater to civilians.
From this site, one can view all the orders that are coming in to Imperial Vigil Enterprizes.  Anyone can view what was ordered from each company we sell to, how many orders each company places, and their percentage of gains for each sale they make.  Pending orders are those which have not started the manufacturing process yet.  They will need to wait until we can serve them, as we have a limited manufacturing capability.  Manufacturing orders are those which are currently being made and put together.  Completed orders are orders which have already been filled.  Completed orders may or may not have been picked up.  When we finish an order, companies must pick up their orders at our warehouses.
All products made by Imperial Vigil Enterprises can be browsed in the products section.  Each product will tell you all the statistics that are associated with that product.
All contractors can pick up their orders by passing the security gate to our warehouses.  No unauthorized personnel is permitted inside the parameter.  Once authorization is made, you may proceed to pick up your order(s).
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